Working at HORUS

Working in a diverse and multicultural environment

HORUS is a longstanding player, especially in Asia and Africa, in the constantly-expanding microfinance sector. Joining our team at HORUS will give you an opportunity for an exceptional work experience, due to the wealth of the tasks at hand and the diversity of the technical and geographical areas of work.

HORUS staff alternate between working at the head office and in the field, for short or long-term assignments and on an expatriate basis.

At HORUS, each person’s potential and the will to evolve plays a key role in determining the position held. HORUS encourages its employees to be proactive and develop their expertise, hand in hand with the development of the company.

You will enjoy working in a diverse and multicultural environment at HORUS. You will be called on to work in a broad variety of regions with dedicated staff of different nationalities, at the head office or on assignment. Our employees are sensitive to working in an intercultural setting and keen on engaging with developing countries.  

You will contribute to development projects that have a direct impact on the economic and social activity of the countries you will be involved with. Our commitment to the long term and team spirit lies at the heart of the success of our projects.