Digital Finance

HORUS has been active in digital finance since 2006 and strongly believes in the potential of mobile financial services to enlarge access to financial services for underserved populations.

HORUS combines a unique set of expertise regarding digital finance.

Opportunity & feasibility studies

HORUS has carried out several studies for mobile banking projects, for financial institutions, governments and programs.

Our opportunity and feasibility studies are based on an in-depth analysis of supply and demand, and all aspects of the local context: stakeholders in the financial ecosystem, the telecoms environment, communication infrastructures, and the legal and regulatory framework.

Design of digital strategies

HORUS has designed client-centered mobile financial service strategies for several financial institutions. These strategies are based on a thorough understanding of the behaviors and needs of low-income populations.

The first step involves defining the strategic objectives the institution wants to attain, for example:

  • Enhance the geographical outreach of the financial institutionís services at the lowest possible cost;
  • Attract new customers through proposing easy access to savings and loans;
  • Reduce refinancing costs by mobilizing clientsí savings;
  • Reduce credit risk by making it easier for clients to reimburse loans;
  • Stay ahead of the digital finance business and retain its existing customers.

HORUS takes into account the opportunities and constraints inherent in the local environment and supports institutions in:

  • Designing products, and financial and non-financial services;
  • Identifying the most appropriate alternative distribution channels.

When the environment permits, HORUS always proposes that institutions consider partnership opportunities with:

  • Distributors (third-party agents), whether individuals or managed as a network (petrol stations, post offices, etc.);
  • Mobile Network Operators and other e-wallet providers.

Our sister company HORUS Telecom & Utilities has considerable experience supporting Mobile Network Operators in implementing and improving e-wallet distribution networks.

Implementation of mobile financial services

Mobile financial services projects all require substantial technological content.

HORUS has acquired practical experience in dealing with the technical issues of mobile banking solutions through developing and implementing its own solution. More recently, HORUS has provided support to institutions in selecting and implementing mobile financial services solutions and platforms by working with:

  • Regional or international software providers, specialized in digital finance; and/or
  • e-wallet solution providers.

The go-to-market strategy for mobile financial services and their operational rollout requires the involvement of all the departments of the financial institution: financial services, non-financial services, marketing, risk, HR, IT, back-office, training, etc.

HORUS supports the institutions on the following areas:

  • Project management and coordination between different business lines;
  • Selection and implementation of the technological solution;
  • Marketing and commercial process deployment;
  • Monitoring system implementation;
  • Structure and management of the distribution network (own agents or third-party agents);
  • Risk management.


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Our Experience

Support for the implementation of mobile financial services in rural areas for Amret within the framework of the AGRIFIN program in Cambodia (World Bank financing, Amret, 2015).

Support for the implementation of mobile financial services at Advans Cameroun and development of the credit offer in rural areas (IFC/Mastercard foundation financing, Advans Cameroun, 2015-Ö).

Feasibility and opportunity studies for the introduction of mobile banking services on behalf of banks, governments or donors, in Tajikistan (GTZ, 2010) and in several countries in sub-Saharan Africa (KfW / DANIDA / UNDP, 2009-2011).

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