Digital Finance

Innovative services to better serve clients

Experience has shown that mobile financial services can support financial inclusion in emerging and developing countries through improving access to financial services.

The range of digital financial services has expanded in recent years. Today, digital solutions exist for payments, by traditional or advanced means (Pay-as-you-go), or for regular savings, deposits, withdrawals and transfers, and for credit operations.

These digital services, along with the use of proximity distribution channels (an agentsí network, for example), significantly and rapidly increase the number of financial services users.

Improving financial inclusion also requires robust and sustainable approaches. The challenge is to build products and services that match clients' needs as closely as possible, as well as to set up systems to manage risk efficiently.

A dynamic ecosystem

Digital finance has emerged in dissimilar environments. The corresponding regulatory frameworks are at varying stages of development from one country to the next, and services are more or less controlled. Regulation is another major challenge for financial inclusion stakeholders, as it is the prerequisite condition for forging effective partnerships and defining the best customer protection. The diversity of local environments has led to several such initiatives:

  • Regional, such as inter-bank switches,
  • National, with multi-operator shared e-payment platforms
  • and solutions developed alone or in partnership, between financial institutions and telecom operators or Fintechs, for example.

HORUS combines a unique set of expertise in digital finance

HORUS has been active in digital finance since 2006 and strongly believes in the potential of mobile financial services to broaden access to financial services for underserved populations. HORUS has supported governments, programs and financial institutions on a range of digital finance projects:

  • Opportunity and feasibility studies for digital finance
  • Design of digital strategies for national programs or financial institutions
  • Design and implementation of mobile financial services for financial institutions.


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Our Experience

Support for the implementation of mobile financial services in rural areas for Amret within the framework of the AGRIFIN program in Cambodia (World Bank financing, Amret, 2015).

Support for the implementation of mobile financial services at Advans Cameroun and development of the credit offer in rural areas (IFC/Mastercard foundation financing, Advans Cameroun, 2015-Ö).

Feasibility and opportunity studies for the introduction of mobile banking services on behalf of banks, governments or donors, in Tajikistan (GTZ, 2010) and in several countries in sub-Saharan Africa (KfW / DANIDA / UNDP, 2009-2011).

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