MSME Finance

HORUS built its expertise in the financing of micro, small & medium-sized enterprises through its experience as a consultant and as a manager of financial institutions.

Our specific areas of expertise are:

  • Design of financial products and services for MSMEs
  • Development and refinement of MSME lending methodologies: loan appraisal, risk mitigation mechanisms, loan monitoring, recovery and bad debt management
  • Marketing, promotion, distribution channels, and organizational set-up to serve MSME markets
  • Sector analysis and program design to support the development of MSME finance


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Our Experience

Technical assistance to Société Générale Benin (SGB) in its “downscaling” towards MSMEs (EU financing, Société Générale Bénin, 2016).

Management of the German-Romanian Fund multi-bank downscaling program (KfW – Romanian Ministry of Finance, 2003-2010).

Technical assistance for BNDA (Mali) in implementing its diversification strategy, through setting up and developing a dedicated SME business line (KfW, AFD, 2005-2012).

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