Noomadic in Mongolia

In 2007, HORUS developed the Noomadic mobile banking solution as part of Xac Bank’s mobile banking project in Mongolia. HORUS opted for an internal platform to respond to the specific economic needs and requirements of Microfinance Institutions that existing mobile banking platforms were not tailored to meet.


HORUS acts as both an administrator and a consulting company to microfinance institutions. It has thus built up branchless banking know-how enabling it to develop a practical approach to the needs of banks and MFIs in terms of technical mobile banking solutions.

In this respect, HORUS has developed Noomadic, a mobile banking solution specifically tailored to meet the needs and economic requirements of banks and microfinance institutions.

Meeting the specific needs of microfinance institutions


Through the creation and launch of Noomadic, currently deployed in Mongolia at Xac Bank (AMAR) and Congo at Advans Banque Congo, HORUS has gained operational and practical experience from the technology challenges inherent in implementing a mobile banking solution. These challenges include:

  • Interfaces with telecom operators
  • Interfaces with microfinance institutions’ MISs
  • Real-time management of data exchanges with customers on a large scale