Microfinance and SME finance markets are constantly changing:

  • New market segments have emerged, notably due to the increasing size of client enterprises and changes in the economic and social environment
  • New needs have arisen, in terms of payment and transfer services or innovative equipment financing, while traditional needs such as housing and education financing remain under-served
  • While competition among financial institutions has become stiffer, especially in urban areas

Innovation in financial products and services is a major challenge for financial institutions seeking to expand in new markets. This needs to be addressed as part of a permanent market-oriented approach.

Our Approach

HORUS supports financial institutions throughout the marketing cycle

Setting up and strengthening marketing departments

  • Establishing and structuring the department
  • Defining tools, methods and procedures
  • Training and coaching staff on how to use such tools and methods


Our Experience

Supporting Advans Ghana in expanding its rural outreach by developing adapted products and services, and implementing alternative delivery channels (ADVANS, 2016).

Conducting nationally-representative surveys to understand the financial behaviors of low-income populations in Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire (EY/CGAP, 2013).

Providing support to the Banque Nationale de Développement Agricole (BNDA) in Mali with regard to defining relevant MSME client segmentation and designing segment-oriented business development strategies (KfW/AFD, 2009).

Providing support to the first Afghan Microfinance Bank in developing a solidarity-based credit offer targeting women micro-entrepreneurs (FMFB/IFC, 2006).

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