Financial institutions in emerging countries generally expand their activities gradually. Their staff grows accordingly and, along with this, new issues arise. Management is often at a loss when faced with these new HR management challenges.

Reaching this critical size makes it necessary to put in place effective HR functions that go beyond mere personnel administration. Institutions are often confronted with inadequately-qualified HR Management resources in local markets. Staff capacity building thus requires external technical support.

Each  institutionís HR department must:

  • Assist line management in their daily monitoring of staff, while providing advice and tools
  • Build more complex organisational structures, as the institutionís development progresses, that include several  job grades and skill levels
  • Reinforce compensation policies (salary scale, bonus, and incentives)
  • Manage careers in a long-term perspective, optimizing the evolution of resources and talent
  • Identify key resources thanks to an appropriate process evaluating performance and staff potential

Building an appropriate HR Management team that is capable of meeting such challenges is a key issue for all institutions that wish to continue expanding.

Our Approach

HORUS assists financial institutions in building and optimizing their HR processes

  • Annual appraisal interviews
  • Career management (career committee, mobility, promotion, etc.);
  • Talent management (talent reviews, high-potential employee development programs, etc.)
  • Training plans and skills development
  • Training unit set-ups and staff capacity building
  • Job grade scales and core skills table
  • Compensation policy (salary scale, incentives, performance bonuses etc.)

Complete HR cycle

HORUS provides assistance in setting up Human Resources departments or audit of existing HR deptartments

  • Audit of HR Management processes
  • Setting up and structuring HR Management Departments
  • Creating appropriate tools, policies and processes
  • Training and support for local staff on tools and processes put in place
  • Assistance in the selection of an HRIS system


Our Experience

Technical Assistance in Human Resources Engineering for Fondation Al Karama MC, Morocco (APP/Millenium, 2012).

Human Resources Department audit and implementation support for a new HR organisation structure at Amret, Cambodia (Amret, 2012).

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