Downscaling programs, implemented in commercial banks, are aimed at enhancing financial services offered to Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (MSMEs) clients, whose specific features and needs mean that standard banking criteria and methodologies cannot be applied. Hence, comprehensive systems have to be designed, including products, processes and methods, and implemented with adequate operational support and capacity building measures.

Similarly, microfinance institutions (MFIs) willing to develop their operations with SME clients need to implement specific approaches and methods via the implementation of dedicated upscaling programs. Indeed, SMEs’ needs, business organization and strategies as well as the associated risks are more complex than those in their traditional markets.

Our Approach

A comprehensive process

HORUS provides design and support with regard to implementation of comprehensive systems aimed at developing SME business lines, with efficient client targeting and selection methods, quick and secured decision-making processes, adequate incentives for both clients and staff, as well as efficient risk management systems.

Change management, capacity building and know-how transfer are key components of our support services, ensuring the success of downscaling and upscaling programs.

Functions require adjustment at each client financial institution


Support provided throughout the project cycle

HORUS can supports banks and MFIS throughout the preparation and implementation phases of downscaling and upscaling programs. We provide the following services:

  • Market studies
  • Marketing and organizational diagnosis
  • Product development, design of methodologies and tools, adjustment of the organizational set -up and of the MIS, risk management tools (including scoring and rating systems)
  • Staff selection, training and coaching
  • Implementation support
  • Project coordination
  • Follow-up and evaluation

Our Experience

Technical assistance to Société Générale Benin (SGB) in its “downscaling” towards MSMEs (EU financing, Société Générale Bénin, 2016).

Management of the German-Romanian Fund multi-bank downscaling program (KfW – Romanian Ministry of Finance, 2003-2010).

Technical assistance to BNDA (Mali) in implementing its diversification strategy, through setting up and developing a dedicated SME business line (KfW, AFD, 2005-2012).

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