Why should FIs engage in mobile banking?

Mobile banking is part of the broader notion of branchless banking, also known as banking beyond branches, which is aimed at developing alternative products and distribution channels so as to improve financial inclusion, especially in rural areas.

Like most other branchless banking schemes, mobile banking takes advantage of existing infrastructure to reduce transaction costs. But it also builds on the huge success of mobile phones to enable easy identification and registration of transactions, thus reducing risks.

Mobile banking comprises many different services

Mobile phone technology can also be used internally within a MFI, to facilitate and secure registration of cash transactions made by MFI staff in the field.

Our Approach

HORUS Development Finance engaged very early on in supporting financial institutions with their branchless banking projects (since 2006) and combines a unique set of perspectives on such projects:

  • as a microfinance institution operator
  • as a consulting company to banks and microfinance institutions
  • through consulting for governments and donors

As part of its branchless banking activities, HORUS assists banks and microfinance institutions in identifying and implementing innovative services, while tailoring these to individual contexts.

Implementing branchless banking at Financial Institutions


Our Experience

Support for the implementation of Mobile Financial Services (MFS) in rural areas for Amret within the framework of the AGRIFIN program in Cambodia (World Bank financing, Amret, 2015).

Support for the implementation of mobile financial services at Advans Cameroun and development of the credit offer in rural areas (IFC/Mastercard foundation financing, Advans Cameroun, 2015-Ö).

Feasibility and opportunity studies for the introduction of mobile banking services on behalf of banks, governments or donors, in Tajikistan (GTZ, 2010) and in several countries in sub-Saharan Africa (KfW / DANIDA / UNDP, 2009-2011).

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