Closer to clients

The mobile phone has transformed people's lives in developing and emerging countries, and finance has taken on a new dimension. Customers want real-time, instantaneous transactions, and financial information must be available everywhere and at any time. Financial institutions with a strong financial inclusion objective have found that digital services is an opportunity for them to expand their outreach and transform their distribution channels, so as to be as close to clients as possible.

Our approach

HORUS supports banks and microfinance institutions throughout each project, from identifying innovative digital financial services down to their implementation, adapted to the local context.

Design of digital strategies

HORUS has supported several institutions in designing their strategic digital-finance objectives, based on prior feasibility studies often carried out by our team of experts. The most commonly-stated objectives are:

  • Extend the geographical outreach of the financial institution's existing services, at a low cost
  • Acquire new clients by improving access to savings and credit services
  • Lower the institutionís refinancing costs through mobilizing customersí savings
  • Reduce credit risks by facilitating reimbursements
  • Improve customer retention with innovative solutions

We are able to support institutions in the following fields, taking into account all the opportunities and constraints linked to the local environment:

  • Designing financial and non-financial products and services
  • Identifying alternative distribution channels that best suit the local context

HORUS proposes a client-centered methodology during all the stages of the project, based on our comprehensive understanding of the behaviors and needs of low-income populations, in order to design appropriate products, services and channels.

An institution that wants to get closer to clients has numerous distribution channels and support technologies available to it, as can be seen in the diagram below. Moreover, each segment or context has its own right combination of products, services and distribution channels.

Launching mobile financial services

Mobile financial services projects all require substantial technological content. HORUS has acquired practical experience in dealing with the technical issues of mobile banking solutions through developing and implementing its own solution. More recently, HORUS has supported institutions in selecting and implementing their mobile financial services solutions and platforms by working with:

  • Regional or international software providers, specialized in digital finance; and/or
  • E-wallet solution providers or other Fintechs.

The financial institutionís departments must all be involved in the go-to-market strategy for mobile financial services and their operational rollout: financial services, non-financial services, marketing, risk, HR, IT, back-office, training, etc.

HORUS supports the institutions in the following areas:

  • Project management and coordination between different business lines
  • Selection and implementation of the technological solution
  • Marketing and commercial process deployment
  • Monitoring system implementation
  • Structuring and management of the distribution network (own agents or third-party agents)
  • Risk management.


Our Experience

Support for the implementation of Mobile Financial Services (MFS) in rural areas for Amret within the framework of the AGRIFIN program in Cambodia (World Bank financing, Amret, 2015).

Support for the implementation of mobile financial services at Advans Cameroun and development of the credit offer in rural areas (IFC/Mastercard foundation financing, Advans Cameroun, 2015-Ö).

Feasibility and opportunity studies for the introduction of mobile banking services on behalf of banks, governments or donors, in Tajikistan (GTZ, 2010) and in several countries in sub-Saharan Africa (KfW / DANIDA / UNDP, 2009-2011).

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