Due to the development of their activities, the ever-expanding range of services and their growing scale, financial institutions dedicated to micro entrepreneurs or SMEs are facing increasingly diversified risks that are more complex to manage.

These institutions are therefore setting out to strengthen their risk management and internal control systems. This involves designing and implementing systems, organizations, functions and processes for risk management, internal control, and internal audit.

  • Risk management: identification, assessment, measurement and monitoring of risks, and definition and implementation of corrective measures to mitigate such risks
  • Internal control: a permanent set of rules, procedures and means implemented in the normal course of business and as part of the processing activities in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and to mitigate the risks incurred by the institution
  • Internal audit: independent and periodic assessment of the adequacy and effectiveness of risk management and internal control systems

Our Approach

HORUSís approach is based on the development of a consistent set of rules, procedures and tools, and above all, encouraging dissemination of a risk and control culture, a sound control environment and risk awareness, throughout the organization.


  • Assessment of current organization, capacities, practices, procedures and tools


  • Risk management:
    • Organization (roles and responsibilities)
    • Risk management policy (limits and strategies)
    • Risk mapping, monitoring and reporting
    • Credit risk monitoring & delinquency management
    • Asset and liability management
  • Internal control:
    • Internal control policy/charter and guidelines
    • Internal control systems
    • Procedures and tools
  • Internal audit:
    • Organization: Audit Committee, internal audit department
    • Audit plans, audit procedures, tools and methodologies
    • Internal audit reporting framework and tools

  • Training 
  • Staff awareness programs
  • Support in the use of tools and implementation of processes


Our Experience

Support for Fondep in reinforcing its management processes, Morocco (IFC, 2009).

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