October 2020 - August 2021
International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Study to conduct an assessment of financial inclusion, as well as the state of play and potential of digital financial services across the country.

The objective of this study was to understand the opportunities for improving the payment ecosystem, and financial inclusion more generally. The study includes a demand-side survey with 1,200 individuals and 300 MSMEs.

  • The IFC called upon HORUS DF to conduct the study which includes: Environment and regulation analysis through interviews with donors and public authorities
  • Financial services supply analysis through interviews with banks, microfinance institutions, payment services providers, telecom operators, transfer services providers, Fintech…
  • Demand assessment through a questionnaire addressed to 1,200 individuals and 300 MSMEs
  • Description of the financial inclusion and enabling environment, supply-side mapping, demand-side analysis, market potential estimates, digital financial services mapping, analysis of key constraints & opportunities, synthesis of opportunities & recommendations
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