Many microfinance institutions are currently outgrowing their basic information system. They are struggling to handle ever increasing volumes of data, more distant branches, diversified financial services and delivery channels, more demanding requirements for appropriate reporting and analysis tools. Implementing a robust and more flexible information system is not just an IT project but an enterprise-wide challenge that must be aligned with the overall business strategy, while taking into account technical constraints and opportunities, needs for capacity-building and pragmatic change management.

Our approach

HORUS combines 20 years of experience in microfinance with expertise in the development and implementation of MIS solutions. This allows us to assist MFIs at the various stages of their IT/MIS projects. This includes technical assistance and support in:

  • MIS and IT assessment: in-depth evaluation of the actual capacity of the information system and of the IT departmentís organization and resources to sustain the MFIís current and planned activity
  • IT audit, with a strong focus on IT security and disaster recovery plans
  • IT master plan: roadmap towards a target MIS, aligned with the microfinance institutionís business plan
  • Needs assessment and drafting of the general and detailed specifications
  • Support and coaching throughout tender processes
  • Technical assistance during software implementation, including project management, telecommunication and infrastructure expertise, business process reengineering, monitoring user acceptance test, evaluating pilot and roll-out plans

HORUS can assist its clients on all steps of an IT/MIS project


All our assignments include a capacity building component. Our aim is to ensure that the MFI really appropriates its IT projects, with a strong coordination between those who need a technological solution and those who provide on.


Our experience

Diagnosis of ASIENAís MIS and CBS migration project and of GRAINEís new CBS implementation project, in Burkina Faso (Grameen Crťdit Agricole Foundation, 2016).

Diagnosis of the Management Information System (MIS) and technical assistance for the implementation of MIS projects for seven MFIs in Madagascar (AGEPASEF, 2015).

Assistance to Amret Cambodia in MIS selection, implementation and follow-up (AMRET, 2008-2012).

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