Convinced of the potential of digitalization to broaden access to quality financial services, HORUS became involved in digital finance very early on. We work with the various players in the ecosystem:

HORUS carries out studies for international donors, central banks or sector programs to foster innovation and the promotion of the Digital Financial Services (DFS).

HORUS also supports financial institutions and Fintech in:

  • Designing tailor-made digital strategies;
  • Diagnostics and feasibility studies for the launch of digital products, services and distribution channels;
  • Managing projects to launch digital financial services: equipping field agents with digital tools; deploying agent networks; partnerships with e-wallet providers; payment cards; digital credit; credit scoring; digitalization of internal processes, etc.

We ensure that the solutions developed are designed to meet the customer’s needs as closely as possible, with particular attention paid to rural populations, women and young people.

Change management is at the heart of our approach, to ensure sustainable adoption of digital innovations at all levels, whether it be the institution’s internal resources or end customers.

We are particularly careful to ensure that the solutions are accompanied by robust risk management and personal data protection systems. Lastly, we support our clients in the implementation of consumer protection measures adapted to the digital financial services.

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