The gender gap in access to finance remains high: women are still subject to specific accessibility constraints, linked to local social norms, or inherent to the practices of financial institutions. The latter do not always take these constraints into account. However, we are convinced that women, like men, are looking for accessible financial services, adapted to their needs and of high quality.

Since its creation, HORUS has worked to promote the financial inclusion of women and women entrepreneurs through complementary services, which feed into each other:

  • Carrying out studies on financial inclusion, paying specific attention to the reasons why women remain more excluded, and to the risks they are particularly exposed to – especially those related to digital financial services
  • Design and improvement of the financial services offer and their distribution methods and marketing
  • Implementation of “gender” strategies for financial institutions, with a global approach taking into account the organization, processes and internal skills
  • Optimization of “gender” data management to improve the financial inclusion of women

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